Wednesday 24 April 2024

Night's Dark Terror 15: Journey's End in Rifllian

This is part of a series of posts with a scene-by-scene critique, appreciation, and improvement of the 1986 TSR module B10, Night's Dark Terror

Barring any random encounters on the way, the journey from the gnomes' ferry to Rifllian, trade village of the Callari elves, is uneventful. The action once they get there, however, is unusual in an adventure game. Aided by NPCs Stephan and Taras Sukiskyn, the goal is to sell the 24 surviving white horses for the best price possible. 

The economic game was more important in older versions of D&D than the present one. Back then, gold translated to experience points -- and ultimately to the grandness of the stronghold your character could build at high levels. The party's cut of the horse sale is not strictly dungeon loot but should absolutely count toward experience in such a system. This balances out the stingy rewards for defeating low-level monsters in Mentzer Basic D&D.