Tuesday 17 January 2012

Dungeon Tetramorphs

As a way out of the Geomorphic Megadungeon Wallpaper Blues may I suggest you:

  1. Take your 100' x 100' squares
  2. Divide them into 4 50' x 50' squares
  3. Rearrange those 4 squares into a tetromino, ignoring the persistent Russian chiptunes in your middle ear
  4. Draw your dungeon rooms on that tetromino
  5. Repeat for all possible tetrominos (maybe not the 4x1), mix together, and play the puzzle!

I have done this for the two "Tetramorphs" shown below, and added a further innovation: grayed-out exits (doors, passages) that are only "real" if they are placed right next to a non-grayed-out exit. This is so that you avoid the extreme connectivity of each 100' square having 8 passages to the nearby squares.

Like them? Maybe there are more in the future.


  1. So when are you going to release Dungeons & Tetris?

  2. That is very nice, very smart. Love the grey bit innovation too.

  3. Honestly? I love that. Love. That. Looks more like the DMG examples than anything else I've seen.

    Come for the tetramorph, stay for the optional passageways.