Sunday, 15 January 2012

Notes from a Hiatus

Some of you may have noticed I haven't posted much here in the past couple of weeks. Cresting the New Year a lot of work (psychology) and "other work" (pro game design) activities have come up and the old blog jones has been put on a back burner ... probably for the whole month actually, bookended as it is with two conferences.

Getting out of the groove of posting every day is definitely a factor. The little obsession of comments, page views, and post counts is easy to put down when other things from the paid side of my life intrude.

We did play yesterday and the party that left off in the middle of the Tomb of the Iron God, fought and ran their way past goblins aplenty to freedom. I had worried that the encumbrance limits were too harsh but they enforced just the right level of concern for the value of treasure and a limit on the dungeon haul. There was a kind of deus ex machina that saved one party member who otherwise would have been left behind, but it's hard to resist that when he became, according to the rules and laws of Mr. Finch's module, the chosen liberator of the Iron God. Well, he was left behind, too injured to run ... just miraculously transformed into an iron statue, which fits the God's M. O. perfectly.

I'll be in LA next weekend but can't stay long enough to catch Satine's charity gaming day. More's the pity.

I'll be back ... soon ... probably in February things will clear up and I'll get back on the tracks.

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