Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fungoid World

Another interlude of encounters from the "roll d20 once, twice or three times" set. Apologies in advance for leaving out the rusts and smuts.

It's funny - this series doesn't get the most pageviews, but has a very loyal following. I guess I should bait-and-switch more with a title like "If You Use The d8 You're Playing D&D Wrong" or something?


  1. Count me among the loyal followers. It's a great table design.

  2. The tag that gets the most instant views on my own blog? "Forthcoming."

    that's a no-real-content post where I say what the title of my next 3-4 scheduled entries will be.

    One day, should I understand this, I will make millions and conquer the world.

    For now, I will go to sleep.