Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What's Up at Gencon?

So yeah, summer is turning out to be a worse not better time for RPG and blogging... but I feel the need to make this post, though lazy it may be.

I'm going to Gencon (pictured above) in about 4 weeks time, and as in years past will be running a private game in the Hilton (likely an old Judges Guild module, thinking of Dark Tower with high level 52 pages characters, or maybe the legendary ... Glory Hole Dwarven Mine??), but I also want to know of any similar casual or speakeasy games that are going on. Also, my beloved spouse is going to be there at last - and a fair bet she'll want some part of the old school action too.

I always think "wow I should signup for DCC or Next or something" and then second-thought it with "wow, but that would mean playing with 5 random Gencon inmates" and the worst case scenarios just start oozing out.

So hit me up in the comments or on G+ - what's on as far as seminars, booth action, or pickup games?


  1. Dark Tower! Run it! I'm running it now, it is the best.

    Someday I'll get me to GenCon.

  2. Bill Barsh will have an OSR booth going again, with a big whiteboard so we old-schoolers can hook up for some impromptu gaming. I'll be there with my daughter and a friend looking to play something fun.

  3. A private game, eh?

    1pm Saturday: 16-player Block Mania wargame.