Sunday, 9 February 2014

Download: Bag of Tricks 2, Now Easier

Reading the hoop-la about the Seclusium of Orphone -- mostly, complaints about its difficulty of use at the table - made me realize that a) one of my existing play aids, the Bag of Tricks also is less usable than it could be; b) with just a little work and squeezing it could be re-formatted into a two-page spread along the lines of my 3 x d20 table series and others (such as Vornheim).

I think this takes the product into the realm of being usable in actual live play, rather than just to prepare a dungeon trick in the seclusium of one's home. The resulting pdf is now available over on the right, topping the downloads section, in four-page pamphlet form. It's probably best printed in color, in "shrink to fit page" format. Let me know what you think!

As a bonus here's an example trick generated on the fly:

Pool, with food/fruit which if you cast spell on, gives ...

And here's yet another way to use the Bag - just use the left-hand page and fill in the most appropriate outcome yourself.

A pool, with seven closed exotic water flowers floating on it. If a spell is cast in the room, the flowers open. Picking one and eating its fruit will make the caster recall that particular spell, ready to use again.

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