Thursday 2 August 2012

Real Spellbooks

Not exactly the kind Jack Chick had in mind ...

but play aids that would save trips through the rulebooks by organizing each spell-using character's library into pages.

I know there have been various spell card decks here and there through the ages. Stuart's pocketmod spellbook is almost what I'm after, but I want the ability to easily add in spells and have different books for different characters.

And I've already got spell cards for my system...

Then I remembered the CCG flash in the pan of 2005: Zatch Bell. Its gimmick: your collectible deck was stored and played from inside a little spellbook binder with 16 sleeve-pages for the cards. This is perfect.

 It doesn't seem to be available through UK retailers ... good thing I'm going to GenCon Indy, huh?


  1. Brilliant! At one spell per card 16 pages is right on the money for DCC wizards. The text would take up the whole dang card, though.

    1. I know, the DCC tables would pretty much require either a Trapper Keeper or a magnifying glass.

    2. Here's an idea, give the player a 'mystical' description on the card instead of using game mechanics. A fireball spell in a spellbook might talk about the intensity increasing as the wizard's own power increases instead of saying d6 damage per level, for example.

  2. That's pretty clever!

    A quick Googling turned up a site that sells _just_ the books (well, the books plus a promo card each that I'm sure you're excited about) for $1-$1.50: