Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Greatest Afro-Grindhouse RPG Never Made


Not small-press module covers, these are hand-painted posters on flour sack canvas, advertising the offerings of mobile VCR-cinema entrepeneurs in the hinterlands of Ghana. There are hundreds of them in this gallery; I've drawn on Nigerian horror but there are also renditions of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hong Kong classics - Krull, Beastmaster, and Red Sonja among them. The most disturbing are not for the faint hearted (or work); END OF THE WICKED in particular.
Cartilage Heads!
The audience is not guaranteed to understand English, so that may account for all the fantasy and horror titles, with their visual spectacle. Anyway, most of these posters are so amazing you get the sense that seeing the actual movie would be kind of a letdown.


  1. There are some crazy awesome posters here! Thanks for sharing this. :)

  2. Whoah, that whole site has some intruiging stuff.

    But just looing at the movie posters --
    An Iron Maiden concert?

    The "Warrior and the sorceress" poster looks like a very good copy of the real poster.

    It took me a minute to notice the NSFW part of the "End of the wicked". That's messed up.

  3. Great post, Roger. I'm almost completely ignorant of the kind of mythopoesis that goes on in plays like Nigeria and Ghana.