Tuesday 7 February 2012

One Page Brawling

Launching into Book 2 of the 52 Pages, may I present the distillation of a simple unarmed combat system. Here as always, the "one page, 18 point type" restriction allows jettisoning a lot of excess material. Two options: do you wish to hurt or detain your opponent? If the latter, effects depend on your relative size. Regardless, the "to hit" roll reigns supreme.

Clicking, as always, enlarges.

If you think some characters deserve super luchador powers you can have them wrestle as one size category higher. (And yes - size categories are a property of monsters but go like this: giant rat -1, dwarf 0, human 1, ogre 2, giant 3, huge giant 4.)

Also: CAC = armor class without worn armor, UAC = armor class without shield and dexterity bonuses.


  1. Seems pretty good, but it almost deserves a flow chart approach.

    And that giant throwing a goatman silhouette is just great.

  2. I see what you mean about the flowchart. I think I might try to restructure it to fit that (for example, collapsing entering and leaving a brawl into one mechanic).