Wednesday, 15 January 2014

d12-Squared Critter Matrix

Among the many gems from the British Library's public domain scans is this graphic matrix of critters that I just realized, similar to the matrix of stones, makes a perfect 12 x 12 encounter table.

Roll a third d12:
1: natural size (0.5-9 HD)
2: small (1HD)
3: medium (2HD)
4: large (3HD)
5: huge (5HD)
6: humongous (9 HD)
7: talking
8: +humanoid
9: group
10: herd/horde
11: magical (casts 1 random spell at will)
12: roll twice more


  1. That chart is cool but I have no idea what 25% of the critters are.

  2. Assuming you've enlarged it to full size...neither do the players.