Friday, 14 March 2014

Postal Surprise Challenge

Quick thought on something neat for game-masters to do:

1. Go on Ebay.
2. Look for people selling lots of cheap pre-painted plastic fantasy miniatures ("dungeons dragons miniatures" and "pathfinder miniatures" seem to work)
3. Bid on a bunch of them from a single seller.
4. See which of your bids win.
5. Ask for combined postage.

Ones that got away.
6. When the package gets there, don't open it right away.
7. Tell your players, "Some strange creatures have been sighted in an abandoned (something) outside of town. Do you want to investigate?)" Hold up the sealed package.
8. Make up some inspired reason why those creatures should be working together.
9. See if they take the bait!

I've got the package in hand and am going to try it this weekend. Even if you don't usually use miniatures, who could resist opening up the "sealed deck" adventure?


  1. My group clubbed together to get the first set of Reaper Bones last year; I have this bonkers idea of writing a campaign that only uses monsters from that set.

  2. Interesting (if a bit challenging for players and DM)... could be made even more so by getting dreamscape/heroclicks/starwars figures too...

  3. It's a cool idea. Would work well for solo gamers, too.

    I like painting miniatures so I tend to buy whatever figures I like the look of and want to paint, and then sometimes find uses for them later, for all sorts of games/genres.

  4. Those sealed package miniatures? A goblin, an orc, a dire weasel, a dire badger, a weaponized imp in a jar, and a vampire spawn in a coffin. All neutralized or run off by a very lucky Muleteers party.