Friday, 2 May 2014

One Page Dungeon Contest Entries!

Once again ... wow.

Some evaluations from a superficial run-through.

Joe Bloch gives us the Black Reservoir, I mean Black Lake, from Castle Greyhawk, I mean, Castle of the Mad Archmage. Yes!

Some great presentation/mechanics combinations. Outlaw Shrine in the Prehistoric Camp of the Mermen Maiden (whew); Amid the Reaper's Scattered Bones; The Shattered Temple; Bloodberries; The War of the Wolf; Island of the Lizard God; Ballad of the Bonny Bard's Booty; Castile Zela; Dire Briars; A Deadly Catch.

Some great gimmick ideas: The Crucible; The Great Stag; Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Tower of the Fox, Devil's Teapot; The Astral Prison of Urash Myrr; Bioprospecting Report 976 (not a new idea per se but a very good implementation); Follow the Gold.

Some great artistic presentations: Tower of Nicanor; Well of Souls; Stellarium of the Vinteralf; The Long Fall.

And many, many that are solid and good. I don't think I'll be wanting for one-shot adventures in the coming year.

(oh yes, there's my entry, and my article about it in case you were wondering about some of the oddly specific references)

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