Monday, 24 January 2011

Brief Gap and Inventory

Travels over the next few weeks will have me updating this blog less often, if at all. All the same, I have a number of projects very close to finishing, so what should I concentrate my hobby energies on?

* Finishing the color schools spell descriptions and lists for spell levels 1-3.
* Putting the final touches on a generation system for tricks and traps similar to the Dramatic Personae.
* A short adventure! The millhouse adventure to be exact.
* Tools for creating a dungeon map in PowerPoint including a grid overlay, door and stair shapes, etc.
* Some more folk saints.

Eventually I hope to release an all-in-one pdf with the most useful of my rules, charts and ideas - more in the way of an almanac than an outright retro-clone. Oh, and here are some more far-fetched long-term projects:

* A monster book based on outlandish creatures from historical art.
* A medieval war campaign rules system that takes you from a realm's map, to its economy, to the forces it can field, and gives rules for strategic maneuvering and intelligence. When armies clash, you provide the miniatures rules.
* The Cellars of the Castle Ruins level 1 megadungeon I'm currently running my campaign in. I have this nearly ready too, but don't want to put temptation in the way of my players just yet ...
* A quick reference to plants, trees, stones, and other natural terms to help you turn "a stone castle surrounded by trees" into "a castle of rough olivine blocks, surrounded by cypress and willow."

So ... let me know what you would most like to see when I have more time to post!

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