Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bag of Tricks On Abulafia

So, while other things have been taking up my attention this week, like the small matter of correcting proofs for my psychology book, I have managed to code up my Bag of Tricks table pdf (see link on right) in a much more useable, wiki-randomizer form using the redoubtable Abulafia site. Click here to use it.

It's nice to be able to design a table free of the constraints of dice and to use some of the other great tables for food, substances, colors, etc. on there. A sample of the results, which still may need some interpretation:

Tomb with hair which if turned gives a cursed magic item

If opened, the tomb is seen to contain a skeleton wearing a wig. The wig will fly up and attempt to attach itself to the head of the closest person (reflex/breath weapon save to avoid). It can be turned as a wraith, and if thise is successful the wig falls inert. In any case, if the wig is put on, it cannot be taken off without remove curse, and the wearer gains an 18 intelligence and wisdom but must save (will/spell) every hour or become possessed by the spirit of the dead person.

Painted designs with face which if gazed at heals one person (one time only)

These are murals of the goddess Egeria and her nymphs. The first person with 5 or more hit points damage to inspect Egeria closely will become entraced by her eyes and stand there for a full hour, no save. On awaking from the reverie the person will be healed for 1d6 damage for each level he or she has.

Altar with water which if a specific substance is mixed with it opens a passage

This is a baptismal font of the rite of Egeria, filled with pure water that drips into it from above. If it is defiled by any kind of rotten substance or bodily fluid, a yard-wide drain will open up in the font for one minute. It leads to the Chamber of Defilement below.

Painting with creature which if worn opens a passage

Uh, this one has got me stumped. That's OK, the generator spits out 20 ideas at a time.

Obviously there is some room for improvement, although complicated, it might be worthwhile to give each feature a chance to have multiple subfeatures, and each subfeature a chance to have multiple relevant actions. I also want to, with proper attribution, work in some of Kellri's special trick effects from the Encounter Reference document, and otherwise make some of the entries more specific.

Have fun using this!


  1. "Painting with creature which if worn opens a passage..."

    A massive mural adorns a bare rock wall in a cavern deep below ground. It depicts a life-sized and fearsome, snake-headed beast emerging from an ornate archway. Observant adventurers will note that the snake-beast's tail is smudged, indicating the paint is still damp. If the beast's likeness is wiped away completely, the archway becomes real, allowing access inside. Of course, this also removes the enchantment that kept the beast in its painted prison, leaving it free to stalk the passages beyond the archway. But more dangerous than snake-head, the players should fear the unknown force whose magic trapped the beast in the malevolent mural in the first place.

    I dig that PDF (great for solo play, too!), and it's cool to see it make its way to Abulafia. Good work! :)

  2. Thanks for completing that idea Omega. Abulafia's addictive, I keep adding to the table, about halfway through implementing multiple subfeatures and multiple cations per subfeature ...

  3. Roger -- Thanks for this! I used OpenOffice's "Data from External Source" function and added this page to my GM prep materials. It grabs a new copy of your Bag of Tricks and inserts it into my notes. Nicely done.

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