Sunday, 13 November 2011

Equipment and Weapon Cards - System-Free

I realized yesterday that it might be more useful if I left off all the One Page prices, weights, and rules assumptions from these cards, so that you can put on them whatever's appropriate in your rules system and campaign.

The weapon kits, of course, can't be system neutral entirely. For example, the "civilian" kit for wizards has a crossbow, the "rogue" kit for thieves has a bow and arrows, choices not supported by AD&D. I also included the mace in the "cleric" kit but some DMs may allow religion-specific weapons. You may want to substitute appropriate weapons (darts, sling) or just say that the weapon is for hirelings or other party members to use.

Hope these are useful!


  1. You're on a roll. I think the themed equipment kits is a cool idea. A DM could use these to influence players to take on different responsibilities and/or give hints about what their campaign world is like (lots of wilderness or sea travel etc.)

    I provide players with a basic standard set and then let them make ~3 choices, but even that requires several questions being answered. I'm heading toward class specific booklets that I can toss to players once they've decided which route to go, that would walk them through everything.

  2. Thanks for doing these up, they're a great idea. (Is that picture of a cracker on the ration card the same one used in Paul Elliot's essay on Roman rations?)

  3. I really like the equipment kits. It makes more sense, weight wise, for one person to be in charge of a set of tools rather than for everyone to be redundant and loaded down.

    Plus, if one of them were to bite the bullet it could lead to some interesting situations if they needed their gear to continue or, to return.

  4. @gregarious: Not really, I took it from a public domain source, it's an illustration of 19th century naval ship's biscuit.

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