Thursday 31 March 2011

Keep That Rule Simple, Graphically

Well, I did up the rule from last post as a one page, semi-literate graphic that you can read from 5 feet away. This is a great exercise in cutting rules flab and bringing it closer to something that will work in a game, because after the rule survives the Procrustean treatment, you can either memorize it or quickly consult it.

In fact, the restaurant Heimlich-maneuver chart treatment is the new acid standard for rules I invent if they're to be used in actual play. Either I should be able make a graphic like this, or it involves rolling dice and looking that one dice roll up on a table. A lot of my rules in squidgy type have fallen by the wayside at the actual table.

Click to enlarge ... if you really need to.


  1. I love the idea. When I first looked at it I didn't understand the chest and door part, though. I'm used to 2x being a multiplier. What if you decide what the average damage would be, double it for two whacks, and place the image of the chest there in the chart progression? I also feel like going low/bottom to high/top, but that may just be me. Thanks.

  2. @TC: In this system, you're not actually scoring HP damage on the door, though. If you roll a 7 or more for damage you get a "break" and it takes 4 "breaks" to bust the door open. Maybe instead of 2x and 4x I can use 2 and 4 of the black "explosion" icon?