Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blogroll Blitz

As I mentioned before, this GenCon was fun but didn't really connect as much as it could have in terms of old school blog community meetups. In fact, it sometimes felt like Desolation Boulevard. To avoid coming up with Sweet F. A. next year, I wanna be committed to thinking about what kind of get-together could help us match faces to names.

In my professional life the data blitz is a format of five-minute talks that strips out most of the exposition, assumes people are familiar with the background of the research, and lets a large number of people get known in a short amount of time - details can be fleshed out in conversation later. I figure up to ten people can get up there, each for 3-5 minutes, and briefly run down one or two of the best ideas from their blog, with an emphasis on outreach beyond the Old School rule set. Supporting slides should be sent separately so they can be worked into a single sequential presentation. Time for one or two questions is factored in but the MC is responsible for getting out the hook when things go on too long.

I figure the "call" for this seminar - Rapid Fire Ideas for Fantasy Role-Playing? - can go out in January, and some kind of selection process can take place in case there are more than 10 or so entrants. So of the regular readers, who thinks they'll be attending Gencon next year and would be up for this?

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  1. As far as I know, I'll be at the con next year. I'd be up for doing something like this, depending on how we construct it and the timing. I volunteer a lot of hours at the con, so the scheduling is really important for me.