Monday, 17 December 2012


Pick the description that suits you:

1. The potentially greatest as yet unsampled hip-hop beat in existence (according to
2. Play this for your PCs as they enter a small village church during a snowstorm. The organist, the pastor singing in his cracked, off-key voice, around six parishioners kneeling, heads bowed. See how long it takes for them to realize something is wrong ...
3. The potentially greatest easy listening death metal lyrics in existence.
4. The soundtrack for your swinging 60's "Carnaby to Carcosa" Call of Cthulhu session.
5. The potentially ugliest, most acid-warped attempt to copy this picture in existence.


  1. All of them? I would have never realized that they were trying to copy the alchemical allegory had you not pointed it out

  2. I love the story "Azathoth", even though it's not really a story at all. It's like HP Lovecraft's closest attempt at ambient music. So this is weirdly suitable.

    I'm tempted to say number 2, but I suspect the answer would be "Immediately. The characters realise there is something wrong immediately."

  3. The artist Bum Lee had this version of the "story" Azathoth I've long loved. Even though it's basically just an animation of the text over some music, the sound just fits the asthetic of an ancient mysterious universe and a tired civilization nicely.