Tuesday, 26 June 2012

D&D Unified

In a place
where edition
wars against edition
one thing
can unite us:
the certain knowledge
that this
is going to suck.


  1. And yet, despite how bad it is, someone out there is morbidly curious to go see it.

    If you happen to find said person, please kick them....please.

  2. Wow... I just watched it with the sound off, and even then I could tell a lot about the quality of the acting!?

  3. I actually liked the second one (I know, sorry) but this... Wow! It looks like a fan film. No wait, even some fan films are better than this.

  4. You know what? I'm calling these films propaganda - they're so bad they're clearly intended to turn people away from the hobby who would've otherwise been interested.

    It's basically a more effective book burning strategy in that *everyone* wants to burn the film regardless of who they are.

  5. Yes, this is true. No matter what edition, you will find a reason to hate this film.

  6. I'd be curious about the whether the licensing arrangements are of the ball and chain variety. Surely if Wizbro had any say in the matter they would yank back control of their franchise from the schlockmeisters immediately.

  7. The second movie was actually ok.

  8. Footage looked a little raw, and the acting a bit uneven (no worse than Star Wars etc.). Soundtrack was surprisingly superb however. Overall I fail to see what all the whinging is about, given it is just an early trailer. My only concern involves the plot which seemed politically oriented and potentially quite dull, but too little was revealed to tell.

  9. I humble offer a different perspective:

    Will this include an overused plot, stock characters, terrible acting, story holes, and stuff that the D&D rules don't allow? No doubt.

    Will my buddies and I grab some beers, amuse ourselves with a litany of bad jokes, and laugh ourselves silly while we goof on this? Hell yes.

    Worst case scenario is that we get engaged in the 10 combined minutes of this movie that are half-decent. It's a win-win. It may suck, but we'll still be entertained.