Friday, 16 March 2012

Let's Go Shopping

The availability modifiers refer back to the system on my settlements page. If rolling dice and bookkeeping is too much of a pain you can just say anything with a total availability less than 3 is not available in a particular place.

Anything adventurers would like to buy that I've left off? (Well, I know they'd like to buy a .50 cal machine gun and tote it around on an ankylosaurus, but you know what I mean.)


  1. Hmm... going to have to add Bear Trap to the list of equipment available to my PCs, I think...

  2. Out of curiosity is there a historical reason for why Twine has a much lower availability modifier than rope for instance?

    Something like looms are few and far between in the implied D&D setting. Or cotton is limited to certain locations and trade routes are typically beset by bandits. Twine is so easy to grab in modern times that it's interesting to think of why it might be limited in setting.

  3. Not really historical, just thinking through the logic (which certainly can be questioned) of how the average medieval village would find more to do with rope than with twine. I guess in reality it would depend on the relative availability of wool versus hemp, too.

  4. Holy Symbols/Crosses.
    Cold- or foul-weather gear.

    Feed for the mentioned animals. In fact, "provisions" could almost be their own category.

  5. All good ideas ... probably I'll move the animal accessories to a separate page for domestic animals in order to fit them in.