Monday 5 March 2012

Undead Mussel Shells

A short note. These clacking monstrosities are the result of the persistent victimization of my nascent Dwarf Fortresses by a nearby dwarven necromancer and his gang, the Crewed Rags.

Emblematic of the procedural insanity in that game (as is, indeed, the very name "The Crewed Rags"), the logic is very simple. If a necromancer can raise the hard remains of any being into a living skeleton, then the remains of your shellfish feast are not safe ... and neither are you!

Indeed, those who cast Animate Dead near a kitchen garbage pail or close to yesterday's clambake are at risk for unleashing this horror on the world; truly a sight to chill the ... ah ... the cockles of the heart ...


HD: 2
AC: 9 [10]
MV: 9
Attacks: Swarm, no need to roll a hit, damage 1d8/round, or 1d4 if wearing any armor.
Defenses: Smashing weapons do full damage, cutting 1/2 damage, piercing none.

Each 5' square of the swarm is a separate entity with its own hit points. The swarm is turned as a ghoul.


  1. Ha! I like it. Could do several different horrible things with this.

  2. This is fantastic and bizarre!

  3. I think Mussels was probably last on my list of things to turn into undead. Now it's undoubtedly near the top.

    I've always had an interest in Dwarf Fortress since it was mentioned on Three Panel Soul. It seems like there is a pretty big barrier to entry. Or at the very least on the surface level it (and the amount of information around it) seems very complex.

  4. RedHobbit: Well, the user interface is almost a study in contempt for the user, and the game designers act kind of autistically, more interested in building a procedurally consistent world from the most basic elements than in ending up with sensible game play. But the time when these elements throw out something amazing keep me coming back.