Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Menagerie 1

Short break from the high-level combat series as I take the opportunity to share some of the silhouettes I've been making for the somewhat insane project of illustrating a 480 cell random outdoor encounters table. Trying not to overlap with Telecanter's ongoing efforts here ...

These are formatted as transparent and 250 px maximum dimension to mesh with Hexographer. All are derived from public domain sources. Download link is "Menagerie 1" at the right. Stuffit Expander to expand.

Werecreatures are kind of challenging to do ... (one's a wererat and the other's a wereboar.)


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  2. Great. My favorites are the wasp and saurian with spear and shield. Ooh, and the stirge, probably my favorite monster.

  3. Question on a drawing you have up. How might I contact you?

  4. Looking to use one for an NPO and wanted to get permission and give credit where it is due