Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Orc, Hobgoblin, Wilderness

There are a couple of pending things to do ... secret societies, equipment lists ... but for now I thought I'd share a couple of silhouettes I came up with on the weekend ...
Samurai-based hobgoblin
Legionary/boar-based orc

Not unrelatedly, I also bought the pro version of Hexographer. Remember my wilderness icons and encounters system? I'm finally getting around to assembling enough of a collection, from Telecanter's and other sources, to be able to share a Hexographer icon set. Being able to add numbers with the "decorations" feature helps enormously.

Here's an initial look.

The numbers and letters on the side are plainer (and I've given up on dice icons), but each one tells you at a glance its activity times (day, night or any), range in hexes, number encountered and total numbers (where it's not one or infinite).


  1. Hexographer integration on those is awesome! Excellent idea, and looks like a good implementation.

  2. Awesome. When/where can I get them? ;)

  3. Awesome. Has it been a year? Wow.

  4. Excellent work on the silhouettes! I've grown to become quite fond of the Orcs as pig-men in recent years. I can't really fathom how anything else could stand up to deceptively intelligent gluttonous eat-anything jerks.