Saturday, 3 July 2010

Spells: The Blue School (Level 1)

In these spell lists I make a distinction between Major and Minor spells of the first level. Based on your helpful comments I am thinking of two ways to implement this:
  • Magic-users start with more than 1 spell slot but cannot memorize the same spell at the same time. They start out knowing 1 major spell and a handful of minor ones.
  • Major spells are level 1, minor are level 0 and they are explicitly handled in the spell slots chart
"Blue Magic. It's a brand name, like Pepsi or General Mills." - Frank Lucas

The Blue school concerns itself with the bringing into being of static forms of matter or force. This power can be used for protection, aid, or mischief. Blue wizards have a reputation for being straightforward, serious and pragmatic, consistent with a school whose idea of subtlety is to literally drop a rock on your head. As an institution, the Blue school is comfortable with obedience and benevolent authority. In a magical college they are like the Engineering School. They are associated with the form of the square and the planet Jupiter.

As a bonus, if you missed Hold Portal from my triage process, well, each of these spells can act in that capacity ...


 Create Rock

Level 1 Magic Spell (Major)
School: Blue
Range: 30’
Duration: Permanent

Creates a 3’ square block of rock in an empty area. The rock may be created in the air and does 1d6 damage if it falls at least 5’ to hit a creature who fails a saving throw (Dex; +1d6 damage for every full additional 10’). It can be created 10’ in the air at 20’ range, 20’ in the air at a 10’ range or 30’ in the air directly overhead.

 Force Ward

Level 1 Magic Spell (Minor)
School: Blue
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour or less

Creates a shimmering, see-through disc of immobile force 5’ in diameter facing in any direction. The force stops solid objects such as missiles, melee strikes, and doors opening, in both directions. It will last for an hour if undisturbed but can only take three rounds of solid objects trying to pass through it before it dissipates.


Level 1 Magic Spell (Minor)
School: Blue
Range: 30’
Duration: 3 minutes

Creates roughly a quart of substance which is either slippery (Grease) or sticky if the spell is reversed (Glue), spread out over up to a 10’ square. If cast directly on the person of an unwilling creature it gets a save (Dex).  Bipedal creatures moving over Grease must save (Dex) or slip; creatures with any number of feet moving over Glue must stop, and save (Str) or move at only a rate of 3 next turn. A Glued hand or foot can be pulled free with some difficulty in about 6 seconds; climbing with the aid of Glue proceeds at about 20’ a minute.

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