Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Spells: The Orange School (Level 1)

Knowledge is the aspect of the mind covered by the Orange School, and consequently its spells enable the acquisition of knowledge. Orange magic also concerns itself with the transmission of knowledge, and so includes spells that facilitate communication. Being associated with Truth, there is a slight tendency for students of the Orange school to espouse stricter morals than Green or Purple magic students. However, each Orange spell can also be reversed to conceal knowledge.

Orange wizards are usually interested in knowledge for its own sake, but when they deign to deal with humankind, they tend to fall into roles in law enforcement and espionage. On a campus they would be the basic research scientists. Their symbol is the regular octagon - sometimes embellished with the eight hexagrams of divination - and their tutelary planet is Mercury.

At level 1, Orange magic only teaches two minor spells.

Detect Magic/Undetectable Magic
Level 1 Magic Spell (Minor)
School: Orange
Range: 30’ diameter circle, 10’ high
Duration: 3 minutes

Makes the caster aware of the location and approximate strength of any active magical spells, items, creatures, or effects within range, though not their exact nature. The spell is blocked by more than two feet of stone, or a thin sheeting of lead. The reversal negates detection of magic in the area for the same duration, but itself can be detected.

Level 1 Magic Spell (Minor)
School: Orange
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

Makes the caster able to understand and speak the literal meaning of a single spoken or written language, and read or write its corresponding script. The spell does not help interpret a cipher, riddle, or slang. What the language is need not be known, as long as there is a sample to work from. The reversal creates a cryptic, one-use language which only someone using the same spell can understand.

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