Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Return of the Consolation Gnome

Taking a break from the fantastic for now. Here's the one-page version of my gnome consolation class. It's meant to be detached from the rest of the rules, so a little more crowded because of the need to include all the basic class-type stuff that got their own table in basic character generation. Click to enlarge.

Oh, and the spell failure mini-table can be used separately if you have wild magic areas or whatever.


  1. nice,

    At first i thought the consolation gnome was a pc you played if your first one died. Which could also work i suppose.

  2. I thought the same thing as Zak at first. Either way it's a cool idea.

  3. The gnome can be both, if you roll up two characters and use the less sucky one until it dies ...

  4. Hey, do you mind if I use the misunderstood Zak/Noisms version of Consolation Gnome?

    If you character dies in my game, you play The Consolation Gnome until your new character can be brought into the game (ie next town or w/e). The Consolation Gnome will crawl, naked, from the body of your old character, or from the nearest swamp/mushroom/Pile-Of-Filth/Refuse if the body was immolated or exploded in some way.

    The Consolation Gnome always has D6 of the worst/silliest spells from your system.

    He can speak with any snouted beast, has 1HD and must acquire/steal a hat wherever possible.

    The Consolation Gnome cannot 'die' per se, only be driven off or temporarily dispelled.

    EDIT: Also, in line with one of my other rules, the name of The Consolation Gnome is the word-verification for this post: "Yotsoyst"

  5. Spells may include:
    Bigby's Awkward Hug
    Snail Charm Of The Messermen
    Mudpuddle's Nasal Ventriloquism
    Summon Degaussing Fluid
    Transmute Snack To Albatros

  6. @Trent: Hey, it's a free multiverse ... your game sounds fun anyway.

  7. Cast Raise Dead, roll a "6", it becomes "Raise ALL Dead". Congratulations, dummy, you just caused the zombie holocaust.