Saturday, 24 September 2011

One Page Wizard and New Spell Cards

Putting this up makes me realize there's a pending project I have, to write more spell-descriptions for the Old School Players rules I'm using. When last my players met they found the need for descriptions of spells as high as 3rd level, and I'd like to have it all written down so there's no misunderstandings!

Anyway, this set of one-pagers continues the philosophy of spells from here and here. Things are even more changed up from D&D and I have taken on board an idea from (CORRECTION: Italian name related confusion) Tsojcanth's Paolo Greco, to have spell level equal caster level and space the acquisition of new spells more evenly. Of particular note is the change to Sleep which takes its rightful place as a level one feller of rats and kobolds without the implications for higher-level monsters, insectoids and so forth.

In a versatility boost, Force Shield subsumes Hold Portal, Tenser's Floating Disc, and Shield; Weightlessness likewise has more uses than just Feather Fall, and Tonguetie/Tongueloose is kind of like Silence reversible to ESP. I'm careful to make the information revealed by the human intelligence spells, Tongueloose and Detect Thoughts, subject to DM control, so that plot points don't have to be given away directly.


  1. Magic Missile is level 2?

    I'm noticing that you are basically creating a heartbreaker. Any plans for a finished booklet sometime?

    I would buy. :-)

  2. 'Magic Missile is level 2?'

    Makes sense, as MUs at 1st level get their one spell so experienced players usually pick Sleep as it takes out more enemies, so in trad D&D - Magic Missile is more likely to be used by a Level 2 MU.I like what Roger's done with the spells.

    Roger, these one-pagers are great. The Fighter one took a couple of read-thru's for me to understand but the rest were easy.

  3. @-C: Finished booklet is a long way away ... But that's the general plan. I hope to go beyond the run of heartbreakers by making this one a modular HB where you can literally take pages out of it and put it in your own binder or screen.
    @Sean: Thanks, I also have plans to make the Fighter one less math-y.