Thursday 16 May 2013

Graphic Treasure Table, Take 1

Well, finally I have completed the treasure table for the One Page Rules. This is actually more like Take 3, as I went through several less worthy and less graphically intensive alternatives that just didn't look right. And it took a long time to grab up all these public domain images.

Click for larger version.
I'm just going to leave this out there and see what people think.  I should explain that previously in the rules, item weights are represented by weight icons (approximately 5 lb though adjusted by unwieldiness); armor types by the schematic shield icons; low-level partial +1 weapons and armor are made of various kinds of steel; and "depth" is my term that approximates "dungeon level/challenge level." Anything you don't understand? Could be better?

I will say that, played by my rules, it does a pretty good job at generating varied amounts and contents of treasure hoards, with a decided bias away from coins and the occasional hard-to-transport white elephant.


  1. Roger:

    This is amazing. Although each page of this book has been amazing, so I'm going to have to stop being amazed and instead say that it's "superb, as expected".

    Two questions:

    1. Bottom row, second-to-last item: a picture book? A painting? It's unclear to me what this is.

    2. Since you're so deliberate about packing the maximum amount of information into each page, I'm curious if the colour of the cells reflects anything more specific than general groupings (silver, gold, iron, steel, cloth, etc).

  2. 1. Supposed to be a painting.
    2. The colors generally reflect the material. It is possible to substitute materials by increasing value to reflect the number of row shifts down and column shifts to the left involved in getting to the material. So a 30$ piece of furniture made of solid silver would be 1 down, 3 to the left, so +4 rows in value or $3000.

  3. And, thanks for your appreciation!

  4. This looks really cool.

    It did take me several readthroughs, coming to a different conclusion each time, before I actually figured out what I needed to roll when.

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  6. What is top right corner supposed to be, building materials?

    1. Only I've been puzzling it over for a day and I'm still not sure.

    2. That's correct. At higher values it can be things like rare woods and blocks of marble.