Tuesday 14 May 2013

"I Cut the Body Open!" Table

There's a player in my campaign whose signature corpse-looting move is to cut open the belly of any large creature, in search of treasure. I gave it a 1 in 6 chance to succeed the first time, with a giant toad, then a chance for the object found to be valuable, and he got lucky, so he never passes up the opportunity now. Anyway, I thought this would be a good opportunity for a table.

Use the table only if creature is human size or larger.
Add any hit dice above 1 to roll, if hit dice are proportional to size.

01-50: Empty
51-91: Last meal (in pieces)
92-95: Last meal (whole)
96: Save or contract exotic gutworm infestation
97-98: Bezoar stone (antidote to creature's poison or other special attack)
99-100: Small worthless object (d6): stone, tooth, nail, trinket, arrowhead, die
101: Coin (d10): 1-3 copper 4-6 silver, 7-8 gold, 9 electrum, 10 platinum
102: Piece of jewelry, worth d100$, or if both digits the same then that number x 100$
103: Gem, worth d100$, or if both digits the same then that number x 1000$
104: Scroll case (1/3 chance magical)
105: Bottle/flask, d6: oil, water, wine, beer, potion, acid
106: Parasite, 1/5 of host's hit dice, that leaps out and attacks
107: Clock or other device (1/3 chance mechanical trap)
108: Weapon (1/6 chance magical)
109: Keg or barrel, d6: oil, water, beer, wine, volatile explosive, holy water
110: Treasure chest
111: Statue
112: Piece of furniture
113: Tree
114: Ship or wagon with cargo
115: Last meal, miraculously still alive

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