Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Low Stats as Disadvantages: Dexterity

These disadvantages are both more straightforward than the others, and more harsh. Dexterity is a pretty important thing not to fall short on, if you're an adventurer. With a 3 or 4 disadvantage here - or even a leg injury - there's pretty much no running away and you should invest in some potions that let you flee or hide. Regeneration or healing will be pretty much on the "must do" agenda.

I took minuses to AC from low DEX out of the 52 Pages, because those lead to difficult concepts - like *losing* your penalty when attacked by surprise (what, does your low DEX force you into the path of flying arrows?)

Really, for advantages, Dexterity should also be a bigger thing than it is in D&D, helping you dodge, move, hit in melee and missile, and just about everything else coordinated. I'm committed to the six stat framework but for simulation purposes I think nothing beats TFT/GURPS and its STR/DEX/IQ, seasoned with special advantages to simulate things like Charisma.

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