Thursday, 12 April 2012

Menagerie 2

The public domain-based menagerie download zip (rules and tools, right) just got updated with a bunch more silhouettes. As fun as kitbashing miniatures and less messy ...

I had a hard time with the ankheg and bulette until another trawl through the Phylopic site found me some base images that just needed a little carving and filling to do. The Kenku is a mix of Hokusai and Kuniyoshi parts, and the pose is characteristic of those artists.

Yes, we're dipping into the Fiend Folio and Monster Manual 2. I'm putting the humanoids into the "Evil" encounter page and the giant invertebrates into a "Weird" encounter page, and the weirdos need company. Not even Basic D&D and Runequest will be safe from the monster raiding ... and maybe there's a post in that.


  1. Any chance of talking you into using ZIP instead of Stuffit so us Linux users can feel the joy?

  2. I love the kenku and am slightly confused by the smugglers and doppelganger (both cool silhouettes, BTW); as a profession/hobby I'm not sure how smugglers fit here.

  3. @Scott: File is now a zip.
    @richard: I used the smugglers to fill a slot on my civilized sea encounters table (should be only found near shore). The doppleganger is a modified rendition of the chupacabra and is as close as I could find to the lizard-man-like rendition in the MM (David Icke conspiracy theory anyone?)

  4. Thanks for the ZIP from another Linux user.