Saturday 30 September 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #258: Mysteries of the Meadow Belt

Six hexes northeast, six north of Alakran.


West of the village of Kin-Yan, a strip of greener land divides the dry desert plain. The village's herders use it as a marker guiding to the pastures south and north. The reaosn for the belt is a mystery, but the older folk suspect an underground channel. One of these oldsters advocates sinking a shaft near the north of this area, to give the village an extra well, for its burgeoning growth is causing scuffles around the well. However, to do this will dry up the grass and cause the Meadow Belt to wither within a season. This conflict will add to the woes of the village, to be revealed in the next hex...

Friday 29 September 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #257: Meadows of Nahlu

Seven hexes northwest, five north of Alakran.

 In these fields, having passed through heights and downward courses from its precarious existence in the eastern plain, the river Nahlu-Galal becomes steadier, richer, better supplied from a wide watershed, and prepares to receive its downstream name of Kathithi as it passes between the gods and the human rulers of the Petitioners of Fate.

This is a pleasant stretch where the river floods in the rainly season and waters abundant grasses, much appreciated by the herders who sally forth from the eastern suburbs of Eryptos and from the village of Kin-Yan. As we have learned, livestock tend to be spooked by the great colossi. But the herders around here know another remedy. If a young beast is taken to the water as it flows between Hurru's feet and those of the mighty god-emperor Hurzak, and drinks from it, it will have no fear of any of the giant. Thus in lambing and kidding season the herders make of the rite a week-long festival, with stalls selling food and drink, and jocular contests of rivalry, verbal and physical, between those dwelling east and west of the Petitioners.

Thursday 28 September 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #256: Petitioners of Fate, South of the Kathithi

Eight hexes northeast, four north of Alakran.


The Petitioners of Fate have already been described previously. Here is a guide to the colossi that can be seen south of the Kathithi river, in four main zones lettered A-D, rising among the lesser rock formations that are their matrix and backdrop. These are the gods who face the kings across the river. Some of the theology is explained here.

A: The regal figures of Wasir and Eset, 350 feet high, preceded by a retinue of 8 lesser gods a mere 100 feet each.

B: Hidden behind the ridge, the dwarf god Bes and baboon god Hapi, only 120 feet tall, herding along a retinue of lesser animal gods which are carved to "only" 50 feet height.

C: The five other gods of the intercalary days (180 feet) in the rear, then linking hands, the dark and light goddesses Wajet and Nebethet. A dozen more minor gods at 100 feet tall, then dread Anpu with a threshing stick, standing over a low formation (30 feet) carved in the form of a carpet-like mass of slain demons of every description, and facing Tiamat to the north in challenge. A light is sometimes seen shining in Ampu's eyes, which appear hollow, but lead nobody knows where.

D: Facing north across the river, the war-god Hurru towering at 300 feet with an upward-and downward-pointing sword receiving the kings' petition, and behind him the enigma of Sutekh, 250 feet tall, with a mysterious half-carved formation at his feet that must be his amorph mascot. Rumors circulate of a secret entrance in that amorph, leading to chambers and tunnels beneath. In Sutekh's trail comes an impressive parade of a hundred and twenty lesser gods, two by two and 150 feet tall.