Sunday 24 September 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #252: Fortress of the 6th Maniple

Twelve hexes northwest of Alakran.


After all these elite companies we finally see an outpost of the regular army of Wahattu. This is the sixth of eight maniples, a force limited by the influence of Urighem and intentionally cut too small to stand up to its mighty hosts, for each maniple numbers five phalanges of fifty men each. One phalanx is archers, three are spear, and the fifth has mastered both weapons. 

The manipular troops know they are less valued than the colorful companies which are maintained under the guise of fraternities and hunting clubs, outside the range of Urighem's inspectors who seldom stray too far eastwards. They are kept in their walls -- sloped earthworks topped by stone ramparts and towers -- by coercion and lack of other opportunities. If a patrol from this fort is encountered it will be (d6) 1-3: 10 spear and 10 archers on patrol, with 2 sergeants (level 2 fighter) and 1 lieutenant (level 3 fighter); 4-5 it will be twice that amount on an exercise, march or maneuver; 6 it will be a group of d6 deserters.

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