Sunday 17 September 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #245: A Military Exercise

Four hexes southwest, seven northeast of Alakran.


On this dry plain, once a week at sunrise, Bukhabar Shum summons certain troops of his garrison, not to compete, but to cooperate in an exercise of combined arms. On this spot in the plain, one time out of eight it is passed by (sometimes the exercise is missed for good reason), clouds of dust are seen from afar, and up closer it is Shum himself, his command, and d4+1 groups of 20 soldiers each from a different elite company. Use the table here, where the roll of 10 is a platoon of 20 spear and 10 bow from the regular infantry.

Shum is a sporting man, and the staid evolutions are sometimes interrupted by his whim. He might, for example, spot some roaming havelinas or wild dogs and order a chase. Ir he might take the appearance of a band of wandering vagabonds as an excuse for his groups to practice law enforcement, cornering and surrounding these vagrants, all in sport of course.

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