Thursday 28 September 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #256: Petitioners of Fate, South of the Kathithi

Eight hexes northeast, four north of Alakran.


The Petitioners of Fate have already been described previously. Here is a guide to the colossi that can be seen south of the Kathithi river, in four main zones lettered A-D, rising among the lesser rock formations that are their matrix and backdrop. These are the gods who face the kings across the river. Some of the theology is explained here.

A: The regal figures of Wasir and Eset, 350 feet high, preceded by a retinue of 8 lesser gods a mere 100 feet each.

B: Hidden behind the ridge, the dwarf god Bes and baboon god Hapi, only 120 feet tall, herding along a retinue of lesser animal gods which are carved to "only" 50 feet height.

C: The five other gods of the intercalary days (180 feet) in the rear, then linking hands, the dark and light goddesses Wajet and Nebethet. A dozen more minor gods at 100 feet tall, then dread Anpu with a threshing stick, standing over a low formation (30 feet) carved in the form of a carpet-like mass of slain demons of every description, and facing Tiamat to the north in challenge. A light is sometimes seen shining in Ampu's eyes, which appear hollow, but lead nobody knows where.

D: Facing north across the river, the war-god Hurru towering at 300 feet with an upward-and downward-pointing sword receiving the kings' petition, and behind him the enigma of Sutekh, 250 feet tall, with a mysterious half-carved formation at his feet that must be his amorph mascot. Rumors circulate of a secret entrance in that amorph, leading to chambers and tunnels beneath. In Sutekh's trail comes an impressive parade of a hundred and twenty lesser gods, two by two and 150 feet tall.

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