Saturday 2 September 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #230: Gablu Homesteads

3 hexes northwest, 6 hexes north of Alakran.


Irrigation works radiate from a small, spring-watered lake -- an oasis, in fact -- and water the fields of four homesteads spread across a few square mines. Collectively, the lake and settlements are known as Gablu Sha-Madbani.

Each homestead is a complex of adobe buildings that holds an extended family of multiple cousin lines numbering 20-40 people, and 25-50% that number in hired and indentured workers. Essentially, this is a village distributed across terrain.

Each of the homesteads has a specialization of labor and is named after a local creature that was hunted to extinction generations ago - the smithing clan Gurha has the bulette, the sewing and woodworking clan Ashapti has the axe beak, the religious and lorekeeping clan Wallahha has the lion, and the defense and earthworks clan Garash has the manticore. Each clan hall has stuffed and mounted trophies of the respective beast.

Wallahha clan is the largest and a young Wallahha couple, Betish (she) and Rimush (he), wish to split off and form a fifth homestead. To earn legitimacy, they believe, they will have to hunt to death the population of another animal, the closest being the mountain cats in #231. The only question is whether the couple will be villains (in the eyes of sandwalkers and tender hearted adventurers) or questgivers (for ailurophobic or simply greedy wanderers).

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