Monday 18 September 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #246: Dogs of the Targatan March

Five hexes southwest, six northwest of Alakran.


Unlike the cohesive populations found elsewhere, this is a recently split group of mixed-breed strays that now form a pack of 20 under a grizzled black pointy-eared hound and a pack of 10 under a more robust but less canine-charismatic competitor, a low slinking yellow mutt with a tufted tail.

They slink around the villages nearby and the Sun's Greeting Castle, picking up food where they can, and fading into the mazy rocklands to the west if seriously pursued. As they are pests, the neighboring populations might pay for their extermination, but each one will insist that the others also pay their share before they contribute. Getting paid for a campaign against the dogs might be as much a matter of diplomacy as of tracking and combat.

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