Thursday 14 September 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #242: Another Dry Lake

One hex southwest, ten northwest of Alakran.

This dry lake is even older than the one that serves Gesshed, and much drier. Still, water falls here in the rainy season, but it seeps through the ground and is gone. There are reasons to believe that two groups have dug or exploited underground passages to steal this water from its underlying table. The first are the Small Hairy Men.  The second are the cruel slave-keepers in the hills to the west. Certainly, both populations seem inexplicably well-watered, and morning dew catchers can only explain so much of it. Perhaps, in Gesshed, the civilian governor Zakiti seeks people conversant with peril in underground spaces, to take some picks and spades and start digging up the lightly chalk-crusted lake bed?

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