Sunday 27 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #224: Spires of Zan

Nine hexes northwest, one north of Alakran.


These natural stone formations are flat-topped, twenty to a hundred feet high, of width varying from an ox's pen, to a fine house's foundation, to a pedestal for a whole village. banded in red, orange, and purple. 

They are remarkable for what has not been done to them -- the originals, or blanks if you will, of the similar stone formations not far to the north, so artfully carved by ancient hand into the so-called Petitioners of Fate.

Now, they are merely a landmark, but one effective in quelling the fear that beasts of dray and burden feel when they spot the looming forms of the Petitioners across the dry plain. If an animal is brought to the Spires of Zan and induced to take fodder in their shadow, so the belief goes, it will not balk at the sight of the Petitioners. Indeed, a detour here is recommended to new travelers from the west who stay at the Caravanserai further down the road. Scoffers come to woe if pressing their beasts on to Eryptos, past those monuments made in a time gone by.

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