Thursday 17 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #215: The Obliterating Fists

Three hexes southwest, six northwest of Alakran.


Here, amid salt flats that might once have been the first of a string of drying lakes stretching to the northwest, sits the tower Kinkimmu. It is a square construction of yellow mud brick, with four stories bristling with crossbows and ballistas. 

Kimkimmu houses the eastern cadre of the Obliterating Company of the Leaden Fist, an elite heavy foot company dispersed in garrisons of 30 around the east and centre of the kingdom. The strongest and biggest fighters are recruited for this outfit, without concern for profession or station. They are equipped with medium armour, shield, square-ended longsword, and throwing axes. Their badge is the downward-punching fist made of lead.

The commander of the garrison, Tishpak-Nasir, is broadly built and jovial, and encourages a culture of respectful challenge among his men, Thus if a patrol of 8 soldiers is encountered outside of the tower they will be engaged in a training exercise -- running in armor, or pressing up on the hot flats. The corporal in charge will size up the party and, if any appear to be of high Strength, challenge them to some wager or contest of honor. Win by enough, and Tishpak himself will want to test and commend you in person.

The most renowned member of the Fists is Hak-Bina, a burly and imposing woman who operates under a false beard. As a protege of Tishpak-Nasir, the captain has forcefully quelled any grumblings or raillery about her gender. Indeed, Hak-Bina is now genuinely respected among the cadre. However, she is less and less in evidence at the tower. As her instincts match Tishpak's need for information and hunger for intrigue, she is given leave to go on ever wider adventures, and stops by Kinkimmu only to pick up hermonthly pay.

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