Friday 25 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #212: Lake of the Vampires

Here's a hex I inadvertently missed out of the sequence, so I have had to renumber things. We detour northeast from the Execution Spikes to visit this place, which lies nine hexes northwest of Alakran. Then, back northwest to #223.


To sweeten the fame of the farmers of the Rows of Muttra, they built a canal to feed a formerly dry lake bed with the runoff from their water source. Travellers along the Road of Flowers could take a short detour to replenish their water on a hot day, ten miles into their journey.

But the small lake, originally known as Pulka'al, now has an evil reputation. "Beware the Lake of the Vampires!" travellers warn. Some believe it literally, but others know the real reason. Swarms of vicious mosquitoes of prodigious size hover over the water, pursuing up to 300 feet, and their attack spells death to all but the most hardy. Even if one swarm is dispatched, there are dozens more, and clusters of eggs in and under the water to give rise to the next generation. From any point on the shore one or two unburied victims can be seen, each with d20 x d20 worth of coins and goods, although to give these people a decent burial rather than simply robbing them is a good act worth 100 xp each.

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