Sunday 6 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #203: It's Gazelles, but Let's Talk About Sables

 Four hexes northwest, four north from Alakran,


This icon refers to another herd of gazelles, but it's as good as time as any to continue discussing the domestic antelopes of the Urig sphere and present another species: the sable. (You can even make this herd sables. It's OK.)

Sables are used to eating leaves in lusher lands but sometimes are found in isolated well-watered vales. They are black-coated with white stripes on the face, and their impressive ringed horns sweep back like curved swords. These horns are the bane of lion and leopard alike. Although tame sables balk at being hitched, they can be ridden with skill, understanding and patience, provided the jockey is not too heavy. The famous Legion of Seventy-Nine in Muqurra is a cavalry of short humans and dwarven mercenaries, mounted on sable, throwing barbed javelins to disrupt enemy formations, using their great speed and discipline to outflank, levelling their lances only when charging from the rear or pursuing routed infantry.

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