Sunday 13 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #210: The Wadi of Fragments

Seven hexes northeast, two north of Alakran.

An unremarkable-seeming seasonal gulch, but when crossing it, there is a 1/6 chance for up to two characters to make a Perception check (DC 12) and notice something embedded in the stones and pebbles at the bottom. It is a clay fragment, sized from an orange rind to a bull's skull, broken and painted on one side (even odds red or blue), evidently part of an amphora or maybe ... a statue.

The blue and red statues of the twin gods Azizos of the Morning and Arshu of the Evening were broken and dumped in the wadi many millennia ago. The clay is durable but not perfectly so, and shards taken from the river have a way of finding their way back there unless ... unless a prophecy is fulfilled and they are reassembled, using copious mortar of the appropriate color to fill in the gaps left by wear and tear.

Each statue has 100 fragments and there are two 10% chances per hour of searching of finding a piece of one or the other, minus 1% for each 10 pieces of that statue found. Which is to say it is a huge task, and you will not know what to do unless you consult the appropriate scrolls of ancient lore, moldering in a library of Eryptos. But when the gods are put together under one roof, and given eyes of murex shell and lapis lazuli, and stand facing each other, and a hundred votaries are gathered to pay homage to them, then, then, great things will happen!

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