Monday 7 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #204: Under the Shade of the Spill

Three hexes northeast, five north of Alakran.


We see here the end of the southernmost of two westward-jutting extensions of the Scarp. This one, orange in color, flat-topped and wavy, is known as the Spill of Stone, while the larger northern one is called the Flood of Stone, and will be seen in due course.

The tip of the Spill juts into this hex, and a prominence on it was carved indecipherably by some hand or crew of elder times. For one minute every morning, when the rising sun shines down through this carving, the shadow casts upon the slope of a facing hill the profile of a head atop two stacked hieroglyphs that are the name of the ancient, near-forgotten Urig god of the earth, Sheb the Lame, Father of Serpents. This manifestation has a powerful superstitious effect on anyone who can read and understand the hieroglyphs, giving confidence and courage in risky endeavours for a full week (advantage in morale checks, disadvantage to be persuaded into an adventure, advantage in WIS saves against being frightened or paralyzed).

 The shadow will fall on any day of the year, for Mittellus' ecliptic of the sun does not vary -- though if you place this feature in another world it may well be confined to showing up on two weeks or even days of the year.

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