Tuesday 8 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #205: Spill of the Scarp and the Crystal Spring

Two hexes northwest, six north of Alakran.

Across the southern border of this hex runs the Spill of the Scarp, an arm that juts up little more than a hundred feet from ground level, flat-topped, running abruptly into the wall of the larger formation. It may be so called because of the large number of rocks and great boulders that are tumbled along its side and at its feet. If any of these stones can be rolled aside to reveal a cave, a hiding place, a tunnel -- then such a secret is well concealed and all but forgotten.

Of more renown, to be sure, is the Crystal Spring that graces a hillside in the north edge of the flat-bottomed valley, which rises into the range known as the Flood of the Scarp. From this spring originates the small but steady stream of the Nahlu-Galal, that even in summer gurgles over its rocky bed.

The Spring issues from a carved lion's head, the height of a tall man. It warns all who approach it with a snarling roar, issuing from deep within the stream as it emerges. Those who approach despite this manifestation, without stopping or breaking stride, and drink from the stream, will enjoy a healthy glamour, and permanently gain +1 to CON and CHA if that ability is 13 or lower. The sound is startling and requires a WIS save, DC 15, to approach without hesitation, even if the player expresses no caution. The trial, once failed, can not be repeated.

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