Monday 14 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #211: The Rows of Muttra

Eight hexes northwest, one north of Alakran.


An unusually rich irrigated district has sprung up in the desert, its parallel canals or "rows" watering fields of millet, alfalfa, barley, and emmer. These grains and feeds are part of the reason the desert city of Gesshed can sustain its population. The Rows are run by a mysterious person or people known only as the "Controlling Interest" who are based in a tall, elaborate wellhouse at the center of the grid of canals.

The well supplying the Rows is so rich and constant because it provides elemental-plane water summoned by a marid who was bound centuries ago for a term of service of 777 years. Over the years the marid has mingled with the Controlling Family (the Tutukka clan) and of the board of three Controllers who dwell in the wellhouse, two have genasi traits of resistance to acid and water breathing, as well as the bluish skin and greenish hair of that lineage.

There are jealous farmers further up the road toward central Wahattu who would have a much more lucrative market for their wares in Gesshed were it not for the Rows of Muttra. They might pay handsomely to discover the secret of this farming district and to send its driving force back to the plane of water from whence it came. However, the starving and depopulation of Gesshed would henceforth be on the successful adventurers' heads!

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