Saturday 12 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #209: The Deadly Reflective Grass

Six hexes northwest, three north of Alakran.


Such a lush dale of grass! Why do goat-tenders in the villages avoid it? Why do wise hunt-masters give it a wide berth? The answer is: it is deadly and reflective.

A wizard must have done it, tampered with a strain of switch-grass, made it capable of drinking not only light from the sun but also moisture from the clouds through its mirror-surfaced blades. The side-effect? Anyone who looks down at the grass will see themselves shattered into a hundred pieces. The experience is likewise shattering: WIS save, DC 13, for each round of looking, or become catatonic.

The bones of goats and a few people lie scattered here and there in the grass. The people had a few valuables; every hour of searching (best done at night, by the blindfolded, etc.) there is a 25% chance of turning up d12 x d12 go worth of trinkets and coins.

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