Thursday 3 August 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #200: Rovers of the Dhuga Hills 2: Ubbar the Last Prospector

Seven hexes northwest, one north of Alakran.


Ubbar is a lean man with long gray hair, a wispy beard, and sun-darkened skin, who owns a donkey and allows his wife (a small, compact woman in a black robe and narrow eyes named Shabai) to ride it. Also weighing down the donkey is an assortment of digging tools, weighing tools, and storage vessels, for Ubbar is a prospector for copper and other precious-like metals. 

He knows of the vein of the copper skinks but is too afraid of the brass dragons to exploit it or call it to anyone's attention. His quest of twenty years to find something in these thar hills is so far fruitless, but he is well loved by all the folk of the hill settlements, in part because he has a golden tongue and has convinced many people that when he finally strikes it rich, it would be a very good thing to have supported him in his times of need.

Despite this aura of failure, he has in fact unearthed a sizeable buried statue of pure gold (an Urig crocodile-god) somewhere in the Hills, but is worried that gaining its wealth all at once will gather attention. He scrapes a little bit off it every time he goes by and sends Shabbai to various traders in Eryptos and Gesshed to pass it off as gold dust obtained by panning in a river.

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