Saturday, 23 March 2013

One Page Skills

One thing that's becoming clear about this project is that I don't just want to jam as much 18 point font onto a page as possible. I want there to be breathing room on the page.

When it became clear from feedback that I needed to have weapon and armor restrictions in about the same place as saving throws and hit points for the classes, something had to go off that page. That something was skills, and since I was planning an additional page with skill examples, it became clear that I could also move the hard-to-find skill use section from the background and language page to an all-in-one skills page. As a bonus, this better meets my goal to have systems be modular wherever possible.

The main new thing is non-prophets getting a Wisdom bonus for noticing and hearing things. Think of Wisdom as awareness. Prophets' awareness is otherworldly, so they don't get the bonus, but others with high Wisdom who are more in the here and now do. This also means that every stat except Charisma now bears on skills - and effectively, the benefits of Charisma on reactions and followers are their own powerful thing.

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