Thursday 13 May 2010

Calling All Prognards

Aaaand Notes from Under the Kyak (kayak?) joins my blogroll on the strength of this opening sentence alone:

Some time ago I put together a fairly high level adventure based on the Kansas album The Point of Know Return.
Roleplaying isn't the only nerdy, imaginative, overly complicated art form from the 70's. Imagine a campaign where each adventure was a different prog rock album and each country was a different band ...


  1. Heh - yeah, so I can't spell - but it keeps the kayak enthusiasts maybe I create the Dungeon of Kyak... you know what, I just might...

  2. Oh, yeah, and I'd be all for a campaign where every adventure was inspired by a different Prog Rock album (though my repertoire of prog rock leans pretty heavily toward the "popular" prog rock stuff like Kansas, Rush, Styx (yeah, they're wannabe prog-rockers...), etc)

  3. Tarkus, that's really sick. And perfect. That's a really underappreciated album. There's a lot of excess but also some of my favorite things ELP ever did there, like the organ hymn in the middle.

    But I'd go with King Crimson. (In the court of the crimson king. Moon child. I talk to the wind. The night watch. Lizard. Their first several albums may as well be a campaign journal -- incidents and bizarre NPCs, etc.)

  4. Tarkus and all his pals need statting up - stat!

  5. You guys are pushing all of my buttons here!
    I'd second Point of Know Return (I had a "Lightning's Hand" artifact in my game when I was 14!), Topographic Oceans and Tarkus, Crimson (esp Lizard!) and add to the list Blue Oyster Cult's Imaginos.

  6. Not the same genre but Demons and Wizards by Uriah Heep comes to mind.